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At the Fullerton Avenue Office, Sage makes available certain commonly needed medications, some hard to find, high quality supplements and certain books on health that our patients have found helpful in maintaining their health.  Below is a list of products available to our patients through our Wellness Center at our Fullerton Avenue Office:

    • Prescription Drugs:  At our Fullerton Avenue Office we provide a wide range of generic medications at a discounted price for patients to purchase.  This is often a good alternative to the pharmacy for patients with no drug insurance coverage or expensive pharmacy copays. 
    • Vitamins and Supplements: In addition to prescription medications, we also sell several vitamins and supplements through our Wellness Center to help make Sage Medical Group a one stop shop for our patient’s medical needs.
    • Books on Health:  We also provide a library of medical and health books, including resources on alternative and holistic approaches to medicine, for our patient’s to purchase at a reasonable price.