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At Sage Medical Group, we do our best to make medical testing quick and convenient for our patients. Please see below for the testing available at Sage:

    • Laboratory testing:  At both offices, we are able to collect blood, stool, and urine specimens for most routine laboratory tests.  Results take 3-5 days to get back, and we typically notify our patients in 2-3 weeks by letter regarding normal results.  Urgent, important, or abnormal results are usually addressed with the patient by phone within 3-5 days.  If you have not heard from us in 2-3 weeks, please call the office and request your test results.  Please be aware that we cannot perform lab tests ordered by non-Sage providers.
    • Diagnostic testing:  At both offices, we are able to perform vision screenings and electrocardiograms.  At our Fullerton Avenue office, we are also able to perform spirometry testing and dexa bone density testing.  Results from these tests are reviewed during your appointment with your provider.
    • Vaccination: At both offices, we provide adult immunizations to our patients as directed by national and local health department guidelines and our patient care standards.  We are also able to do blood tests to confirm immunity to certain diseases.  We also have TB testing or PPD placement available at both offices. Note: TB tests must be read in 72 hours, and cannot be given on some Wednesdays and never on Thursdays. At our Fullerton Avenue office, we also provide a full service Travel Immunization Clinic. If travel health is one of your concerns, you must let the office know when scheduling your appointment.
    • Testing done at other facilities: When your provider orders testing done at outside facilities or hospitals, please notify your provider when the testing has been completed to insure we receive and review your results.