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What to Know for Your Visit

Whether you are new to Sage or a current patient, please take the following steps to make sure your requests and concerns are properly addressed at your appointment with us:

    • KNOW YOUR INSURANCE INFO: Please bring a current copy of your insurance card to your appointment.  If you are self-pay, please bring a payment method so that you can pay in full at time of service for your visit.
    • KNOW YOUR MEDS:  Please bring an updated list of all of your medications, including the name of the prescription, the dosage, how often you are taking the medication and who prescribed it for you to your appointment.  You may also want to bring the prescription bottles with you to review with your provider.
    • KNOW YOUR REASON FOR APPOINTMENT:  When you make your appointment, please make sure to give a specific reason for your appointment.  This will ensure that you are scheduled for enough time with your provider to address your concerns.  Failure to tell us why you are coming may mean that you will have to reschedule for more time at a later date.  Please also bring a list of issues that you would like to discuss with your provider to your appointment.  This will make sure that all of your requests and concerns are addressed in a timely manner.
    • KNOW YOUR DATA:  If you have a health condition or disease that requires home monitoring, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, please bring a copy of your daily log to your appointment to review your findings with your provider.
    • KNOW YOUR RESULTS:  If you are coming for a follow up visit based on information or testing done by another physician or outside of our office, please make sure to bring or have your results faxed to our office.  This excludes most testing done at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Illinois Masonic as we can access those results through our computer system.
    • BRING OLD RECORDS: If you are a new patient or are transferring your records from another office, please bring a copy of your records with you to our office.